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Volume 2019

Common fixed points for $R$-weakly commuting mappings satisfying a weak contraction -by Deepak Jain, Sanjay Kumar and B. E. Rhoades

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Abstract: In this paper, we prove some common fixed point theorems for pairs of point wise $R$-weakly commuting mappings in metric spaces satisfying a generalized $\phi $-weak contraction condition that involves cubic terms of metric function $d(x,y)$. At the end, we provide an example in support of our result.

Keywords: $\phi $-weak contraction, weakly commuting mappings, $R$-weakly commuting mappings, $R$-weakly commuting mappings of type (P).

DOI: 10.30697/rfpta-2019-003

How to cite this article: Deepak Jain, Sanjay Kumar and B. E. Rhoades, Common fixed points for R-weakly commuting mappings satisfying a weak contraction, vol. 2019, Article ID 2019003, 18 pages, 2019. DOI: https://doi.org/10.30697/rfpta-2019-003

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