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Volume 2018

Fixed point theorems with cyclical contractive conditions in $b$-Menger spaces -by Abderrahim Mbarki and Rachid Oubrahim

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Abstract: In this work, we prove a fixed point theorems in $b$-Menger spaces (Mbarki et al., Probabilistic $b$-metric spaces and nonlinear contractions, Fixed Point Theory Appl.  2017, Paper No. 29, 15 p. (2017)) using probabilistic contraction [1] with cyclical conditions. We support our results by an example.

Keywords: $b$-Menger space, Fixed point, Cyclic probabilistic contraction.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.30697/rfpta-2018-005

How to cite this article: Abderrahim Mbarki and Rachid Oubrahim, Fixed point theorems with cyclical contractive conditions in $b$-Menger spaces, Results in fixed point theory and applications, vol. 2018, Article ID 2018005, 07 pages, 2018, doi:10.30697/rfpta-2018-005.


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