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Why Publish With Us

Results in Fixed Point Theory and Applications(RFPTA) is an open access  journal for publishing the highest quality research papers in the traditional areas of the Fixed Point Theory and Applications. We continue to work hard to support our authors who trust us with their work. Here are just some of the benefits we provide:

  • Our online submission portal is simple and effective online system, and there is no page limit.
  • High scientifically proved editorial team and follow Elsevier recommendations and COPE’s code of conduct as well as the Publication Integrity and Ethics guidelines and code of conduct.
  • Zero publication charges.
  • Accepted papers are published quickly, including timely anonymous peer review.
    • When the article is accepted for publication, it is examined by our senior editors to ensure appropriate structuring; then it is copy-edited and the proof is delivered to the corresponding author with queries or suggestions to improve the quality of the article (when needed).  Most accepted articles are published online in their final form at one week from acceptance.
  • Our articles are produced according to the RFPTA's open access policy allows maximum visibility of articles published in the journal as they are available to a wide, global audience.
  • Authors can track the progress of their articles throughout the whole process (submitted, with handling editor, with reviewers, initial decision, authors revising, re-submitted, editorial decision, in press and published) using our secure online system.
  • Since it is a open access journal, your literature will receive more citations than subscription publications.
  • An author may wish to know how many times its article has been accessed.
  • We continue to submit our journal to all well-known abstracting and indexing services.